Monika Loster

Monika Loster creates artworks using various materials and techniques. Graduated as a painter she transitioned from traditional painting techniques to fiber sculpture & installation.
Her artworks vary in scale from large constructions filling gallery space to small, intimate sculptural objects.
Her work is often sculptural and she explores the use of fiber to induce color into her works. Color and use of raw materials such as hemp, jute, tree bark and silk are a recurring theme.
What ties her work together is the organic nature of the artworks. Curious organic forms, tracks and shapes left by nature form an important inspiration resulting in artworks that appear as an extrapolation of reality.
Since 2011 Monika is working mostly with her own developed technique using hemp fibers.

Awarded with distinction on the “Nano Art” exhibition gallery Roi Doré, Paris, France (2015)
Qualified for the permanent Collection of Polish Artists' Books from the turn of the century, Book Art Museum, Lodz, Poland (2009)
Official representative for World Textile Art Organization (2005-2007)
Won 1st prize on the 2004 Biennale „Square Carre Cuadrado” IIIrd International Biennial of the WTA, Valencia, Venezuela

Her works can be found in various private and museum collections i.a: Musashino Art University, Tokyo; Central Museum of Textiles, Łódź, Poland; Book Art Museum, Łódź, Poland; King St. Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár, Hungary; WTA World Textile Art Organization, Miami, USA;