An Experiment in Textile

With the new year upon us I thought it was time for a new post. Preparations for working on a new installation often take up a large portion of my time usually requiring research, color studies and material testing. 
All ideas start somewhere and many of my concepts are formed during research. That means making stops to the library for hard to find books, visiting exhibitions or going on a  trip out in the wild. Remember, inspiration takes many shapes.
When I tackle a project I always aim to bring something new to the table while trying to stay true to the core elements of my designs. Art needs to evolve, especially when one of the central themes of my work revolves around Organic Growth. Whilst it can feel safe and comforting to remain within a certain kind of Crafting, I feel an Artist is never done exploring. Stepping out of that zone might be scary but the pay-off is bound to be worth it.