Openpoortendag Buggenum 2018 re-cap

Looking back at my latest exhibition, a couple of weeks ago in Buggenum, I feel it was well worth it. Not only did the Art Route draw over 3000 visitors on a Sunday, it was the first conjoined exhibit-outing for Ardamon our Artist-collective composed of Hadas Lieber & Bart Hoogveld and myself.
We took over a whole barn and transformed it into an abattoir, at least in a meta-literal sense.

The idea behind the Artworks lends itself to the location. Upon first visit anyone can sense a state of decay; it wasn’t until we were installing our Artworks that we heard the whole story behind the building, which gave the place an even more haunting vibe.

Without delving too deep into its background, it suffices to say, many animals met their end here.

The idea for my installation came to me immediately, once I’d seen the place. I took on the challenge of working with quite a bit of space. The area I decided to install the Artwork in was about 21m2 and about 5 meters high.
Hanging an installation on site can always bring unexpected issues along,  therefore I decided to start building it three days in advance, buying me some time to solve any obstacles.

While I was in the process of creating the hanging segments of my installation piece, I realized I needed more impact besides transforming the space. I needed to incorporate it’s essence into the artwork. That is why the combined segments are hung from existing structures in the building. These lend itself to the installation as if they had always been a part of each other.

To take it a step further I came up with the concept of employing the wall in the background to further stress that Artwork and environment are meant to be one. The Artwork sort of grows naturally from the building; they seem to breathe life into one another, recalling the events that make up the history of the locale.

On a final note - The exhibition had a great premiere as well on the night before it was released to the public. A gathering of all (50!) Artists right in our barn with an opening word from the Mayor. Bring on the next challenge!