Intuitive creation: a study in streamlining chaos

The title of this post could have alluded to a handbook for any ambitious deity, instead I thought it would be interesting to dedicate this month’s blog to an insider’s look at my creative processes.

"Extroshell" 100x70cm, choarcoal on paper


No matter which discipline you cover, whether you’re an artist or just an all round creative person who likes to try out stuff and change the world around, creating almost never goes in a straight line. The beginning phase is nearly always a process based on intuition. Starting a research for my installation Corallium made for the 15th  International Triennial in 2015, I made plenty of study and drawings based on existing sea life that stir the imagination. I would like to share a couple of those in this post. The forms were meant to be soft and express a flow and movement which can be only found in the deep sea.

The beginnings are based on a lot of insight. While any artwork is inspired by outside sources surrounding the artist, it is foremost a search within. Creating a dedicated artwork is a multidisciplinary development the artist must go through every single time you take the time and the effort to create something new.  


Now I’m sure you’re left wondering if you need any special tools for exploring the inner self. Some people have the best ideas immediately after they wake up, other just before they fall asleep, some of us simply on the way to work or the studio, on the bus or on the bike, the most lucid and bright ideas can pop up at any given time. What really matters is that you capture this idea. Put it on paper, write it on a post-it, or even on the chewing gum wrap that you’ve been saving because you don’t want to litter. You’ve laid the foundation that can be further transformed into the “real deal”. At least this is how it works with me. Hundreds of ideas are swirling in my head daily as well as all sort of impulses brought on by everyday life.

"Octopodiform" 100x70cm, choarcoal on paper

Evolving a concept of the artwork as intuitive as it can be, can also be very frustrating. The majority of stuff that you develop in your head nearly never comes out as thrilling as imagined.  It is critical to attempt to catch this transitory concept by any means.

Surrounding yourself with a wide slew of ideas builds up to a certain kind of chaos. You’ll be overwhelmed and wanting more at the same time and it is from this combination that new concepts are being formed to explore and try out.

"Macrospira" 100x70cm, choarcoal on paper


Fabrics and materials are cut, shredded, torn, dyed, deconstructed and then reconstructed or transformed giving them form and purpose. The basic forms for this installation were built and constantly improved upon or changed as another element was added or replaced. I think I completely mastered the art of dyeing over a 100 different shades and tints of turquoise and pink fiber for this project. From here on out I started making a real progression on the Corallium installation.

 This inquisitive process which is often based on intuition is highly important in the creation of the artwork or any sort of creation what so ever. It is a culmination of certain emotions that make up the creative output. And as you know, your artwork is an expression or even a physical manifestation of a part of your own being.
To see more of Corallium, I’ve made a small booklet detailing this installation (10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inch) in full color images of its various elements including some inspirational sketches & drawings. It is available for just € 5,- (excl. postage)

To order one, simply send me an e-mail