Babylonian Tour

installing "Babylon in Bloom" Monika Loster

I feel it’s really important for an artist to be visibly present and approachable to the audience as it gives you solid feedback from different perspectives on something you have spent a great deal of time on.

The first weekend of October I have taken part in the Kunststroom Roerdalen Artroute in Limburg, southern area of Holland which was a blast. This marked the second time I would participate and I knew I had to impress. Artroute consisted of thirteen locations, some of them old monuments and one of each of them was allocated a group of  talented artists, representatives of multiple artistic fields such as sculpture, photography, painting and blacksmith.


Castle Montfort, dating back since 1260 is one of the thirteen exhibition locations of Artroute Kunststroom Roerdalen.


I proposed a large installation and was thrilled to find out the location assigned to me, I got to hang an installation in the Master Room on Castle Grounds. Castle Montfort to be exact, dating back since 1260! Being one of Hollands largest castles at the time, it was built as an impregnable fortress.
Nowadays it serves as a historical site with many cultural events taking place.

Allow me to introduce the artwork on display – “Babylon in Bloom”.
It is a large and colorful ceiling hanging installation inspired by the mythical (no definitive archaeological evidence was ever found) Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
Its shapes and colors were carefully chosen and crafted to astonish and amaze similar to the feelings the Seven wonders of the ancient world (of which the hanging gardens were supposedly a part of) were meant to evoke.

“Babylon in Bloom” Castle Montfort, NL

Let me share with you that this installation was a pretty hard job to install on the location. The ceiling was about 350 cm high and the installation consist of about 35 loose elements which have to be separately attached to the net while hanging on the spot to achieve the right balance. With a lot of help it took me about 5 hours to have it done.

The event, while lasting only for a weekend, had a really good turnout with many visitors stopping by enjoying the art on display. I was on site during the entire weekend to answer questions from visitors and to soak in the comments and critiques my artwork had on the crowd.

 It was nice to feel appreciation for your efforts, some of the top comments I gathered said: “A true Eye-catcher”, “Deserving of a space where many people gather” or “This piece needs to be on permanent display on this location as it fits perfectly!”

“ This piece needs to be on permanent display on this location as it fits perfectly! “

“ A true Eye-catcher”

“ Deserving of a space where many people gather “



It’s comments like these that make the hard work worthwhile and will continue to inspire future events and artworks. If you missed out on the chance to come see me and my artwork this time, stay tuned for the full announcement and details coming soon.

Sneak peak

This time we’re doing something different, I’ll be offering a sneak peek at my latest work. Before we get to that though, allow me to invite you to come to the OpenPoortenDag in Limburg. In a small town called Buggenum to be exact.

My work will be exhibited in a former farm, one with a bit of a history no less… Without spoiling too much, I aim to capture the rather gloomy emotions this place evokes (on me) into my artwork.

There’s an ominous kind of desolation at play here where the space has taken on its own morbid identity. Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five came to mind after my first visit to the location.

Fear not! Besides taking in the atmosphere, there will be wonderful Art to behold and not just my own. To appease the Genius Loci presiding there I have joined forces with two fellow Artists. Operating under the name Ardamon, I work together with Bart Hoogveld and Hadas Lieber. Our Artist collective hopes to make your visit worthwhile with our own Artworks, all the while delivering a message to which the meaning of is open to interpretation.

The Openpoortendag is on Sunday, May 6th,   11.00-18.00 Buggenum, NL