Creating a new artwork requires a lot of input from your own past experience and knowledge but also inspiration beyond the artists’ own perspective. To create this installation I originally got inspired by Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, or rather the longing and urge to follow the dreams and the courage and will to experiment no matter the cost. The essence of such a desire can also be found in the well known myth of Icarus, whose newfound powers of flight came at a cost as it consumed him and let to his tragic failure.


The Installation is comprised of multiple spinal cord inspired elements that come together.

Appearing as sort of a hybrid vertebral column with tattered and burnt wings as bony extremities.


I use metal wire as the base for many of my Fiber Sculptures and Installations, crafting a frame or skeleton from the highly moldable material. Following the base shape I bring additional shapes on using jute and hemp while simultaneously adding color onto the Artwork. I dye and paint all my own materials resulting in complex and personal results. A thin layer of wood bark was used for creating a supporting structure and texture onto the bone shaped elements.


This installation is a symbolic representation of one of the themes of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, namely ambition and unrestricted experimentation without the shackles of morality holding one back.

The process of trial and error does not come without repercussions.

The same is true for the working methods of the artist. Combining Frankensteinian elements with the tragic tale of Icarus, the Artwork reflects on those who obtain power but lack the responsibility to handle it with care resulting in failure. The color scheme mirrors this as well with hues of Red portraying blood and charred flesh with a double meaning behind it as Red is also the color of Love and Passion, powerful emotions that became the onset of both characters’ misfortunes.  


I feel a famous quote by Blaise Pascal, a 17th Century mathematician and philosopher, sums it up best:

“Man is neither angel nor beast, and unhappily whoever wants to act the angel, acts the beast”

“Cravings” will be on the show during the exhibition “Material Matters” from the 1st till the 30th of November in Gallery Zone in Leiden.